the reading room.

reading roomIt is Christmas Eve morn. I am home…creating memories at my parent’s place with my fam and my sis’s crew too. Breakfast goodies are on the counter in a self-serve set up…coffee is brewed. My sweet teen niece is on her way to wish her boyfriend a Happy Christmas Eve Birthday. The other kiddos, including my 21 year old girlie, are still snuggled in on the pull-out sofa, on the floor or the futon. And I am enjoying the peace and quiet in the “reading room.” Mom is enjoying an Amish Christmas novel, Dad is perusing a Western Horseman magazine, and Bob is midway through Grisham’s Racketeer. I have been flipping between the wise words of women bloggers [shauna’s present over perfectsarah’s book list,  heather’s nativity adventuresann’s thoughts on the power of words] and a sweet Christmas novel, O Little Town: A Novel, by one of the Statler Brothers.

Later today we will hear the story from Luke 2, as we pack into the service at my hometown church.

There will be gifts and stories…laughter and tears. Memories made.

For now, I am grateful for the stillness.

May God bless you all this Christmas season. Savor the small moments. Seek peace and joy.

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