fun at cravingsA couple of years ago I took a little vacation with my pal Amy to southern California. As we sat at dinner one evening, there was a lady at the bar talking on and on and on about her cat “Sophie”… loud enough for all to hear…complete with photos on her phone.  We had a few giggles over it and began to call one another Sophie just for a sweet smile.

So Sophie stuck.

When this blog began, sophiesara became the url.  When a group of girlfriends asked for my secret name, Sophie was my choice.

Sophie is my better self.  She is kinder, patient, more confident, even a bit creative. She sees life positively. When faced with decisions, Sophie weighs the options and moves forward-with no regrets, no over-thinking, no people-pleasing. Living life in the moment is her mantra.

I try to be my best self, and yet worry, stress, exhaustion and circumstances can cloud the way at times. So, I dig a little deeper and face the realities of my silly life. And do what I can do.

Even if it means escaping as Sophie for a bit.

Thankful for sharing a little fun with Sonja, Lola, Bianca and Natasha tonight!

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