smiling’s my favorite.

smiling's my favoriteElf declared “Smiling’s my favorite.”

Well, I have many favorites!

In fact, my Grandma Mable started a game years ago when my sis and I were littles, called “The Favorite Game.” (Actually, we may have named it that! But she started it.) She’d hand us a piece of paper and we would take turns asking questions…”What is your favorite after school snack? Who is your favorite pal and why? What would be your favorite thing to do on a Friday night date?…” We’d scribble down responses and share at the end. So fun. I have since carried on that same “game” with my own daughter…with nieces/nephews…with youth group girls on road trips! Call it game! But really, it is just intentional question asking…sneaking a peek into the lives of the ones we love!

lazy sat mornI was reminded of it today, as my hubby brought me coffee in bed, while I leisurely flipped from Pinterest to blogs to other interesting news on my iPad. Lazy Saturday morns are my favorite! There is such a gift in savoring the small joys. As we enter the hustle and bustle of the season ahead (I MUST do my Thanksgiving grocery shopping at some point this weekend…) be still long enough to notice and appreciate your favorite things.  Seek them out.  Make room for your favs. Share moments with the people that you love.  Cook or bake…or stop by that cozy coffee shop. Watch that treasured Christmas movie for the 50th time. Listen to great music.  Dance in the kitchen. Call an ol’ college pal. Wander through the mall or Goodwill, sipping on a Peppermint Mocha. Enjoy the season.  Follow Elf’s lead and smile.


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