hometown tour #2.

This morning brought the opportunity to go on our second “hometown tour.”

You see, a year ago, I gathered up these girlfriends and carted them off to Paynesville for a little lunch with Nana Beth and a drive through my ol’ hometown. (sadly no pics from that adventure.)

So for Tour #2, we meandered down the street to visit Momma Eileen for brunch and a lesson on homemade doughnuts, based on a handwritten recipe presented over 45 years ago at a bridal shower from a dear, elderly church lady.  We were treated to fresh fruit, a baked spinach souffle, and a trip down memory lane with photos from Kathy’s glory days of popped collars, big hair, and plastic earrings, as she struck her 80’s “come hither” pose.

In the midst of all the rolling, frying, sugaring and tasting, our pal Amy received a call from her mom Betty Ann. Enroute from Connecticut to Rhode Island to visit her niece that is battling cancer, we placed her on speaker phone and gathered together in prayer. Such a sweet moment to be sharing time with Momma Eileen…and all praying together with Mama Betty Ann. Cue the tears.

Happy Hometown Tour!  Off to Vivvie’s next!  And then to the East Coast one day for Tour #4.

Thanks for the great fun and sweet treats Momma Eileen!

doughnut collage


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