thinking time.

Be still

Being away from routine again this weekend, has given me time to pause, think, and reflect…

so here is a bit of food for thought that is percolating in my mind…as I sit before the Lord.

how do i spend my time?

who do i choose to hang out with in my free time?

how do i balance the home-work demands?

where am i placing my finances?

what am i filling my mind with-what books-what music-what blogs?

am i getting enough sleep?

how am i taking care of my health and heart?

what new adventures lie ahead? in travels? in cooking? in serving?

So grateful for the time away…and the people in my life that are willing to sit and listen and ponder life with me.  Inviting you…to take some time…to ask questions…to refocus/reprioritize…to fix your eyes on the Lord.

One thought on “thinking time.

  1. That’s my favorite verse! It serves as a great reminder for me throughout a crazy busy day. Just saying/reading it immediately centers my mind back on the Lord and His peace washes over me. I would love the quiet time to reflect however! Missing you!

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