adulthood the equalizer.

There is something about becoming adults that seems to bridge age gaps of all sorts.  I have colleagues that are 20 years my senior and those that are 20 years younger than me.  And it really does not matter.  We are all in the business of education together!

The same is true with families.

Way back in the day…I spent a summer as a “nanny” to my cousin Anna. The sweet next-door cousins – Tricia and Traci spent a ton of time with us! I think my Uncle Roger had other intentions of hiring me to be the “nanny.” He really just wanted to broaden the horizons of a naive Midwest teenager by bringing me to another part of the country to experience a little something new! And what a true blessing it was! The summer of 1985 was spent in the sunshine of Arizona…living and loving life with these three chicas…

CousinsWe went to the park, we had tea parties, we watched movies…there were fabulous synchronized swimming performances created in the backyard pool…and there were plenty of beauty pageants complete with tinfoil crowns…


I was 17…Tricia-10, Anna-6 and Traci-5.  Good times.

So this weekend, as we gathered at Tricia Lee’s home, it seemed amazing to connect on this crazy equal level of life…no longer was I the big cousin…I was just Sara…chatting about parenthood and work…about bar exams for our lawyer cousin…sharing stories of social strengths and skills with the mama of a son with autism…dabbling into the unknowns of homeschooling…there were conversations about travels, church and bible studies. I chatted with the “littles” of the cousins..Kait sat on my lap, full of stories…Mason shared his reading adventures…Aiden and Bayleigh were kind and polite…Griffin shared details of his football game…and Grady was a man on the move…bummer that Brooklyn, the sweet ninja turtle, doesn’t like to travel after dark!

This adulthood connection with family is pretty sweet. These girls will always be my little cousins…there will always be a little bit of the protective side in me that wants to guide and care for them. And yet what a treat to live life together, bonded over family memories…of tinfoil crowns and grandma’s chalkboard…of family dinners and photo shoots.  Love ya Girls!

cousins now

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