Being Busy


I saw this sweet image on Pinterest this week…
(sorry I cannot give credit to it’s creator, since the link appears broken)

What is it with being busy and filling the iCal and committing to anything that comes our way?

It is a vacation day for me on this October Friday…and I am savoring the endless hours ahead of me to read or nap or think a bit. The past few months have been a whirlwind for me, filled with all sorts of good things. I acknowledge that they were things that I said “yes” to and they have been things that I feel great passion about. And yet, somewhere along the way, I have lost the quiet spaces that are necessary for my well-being.

As a society, we truly have glorified the hectic pace of a productive, action-packed lifestyle. We (myself included) sense the urgency to make a difference against the injustices we see…to demonstrate excellence in the work world…to pack in as much fun and excitement as possible in the free moments between responsibilities and sleep.

So what happened to lazy mornings with a cup of coffee…eggs and toast…and a walk around the neighborhood? How about afternoon naps, or hunkering in with a good book for a couple of hours? When can we make time to cook/create in the kitchen for hours…sipping on a glass of wine while stirring risotto or rolling out a flaky galette crust?

Once again…a break from routine has inspired me to reclaim a bit of my life that I crave.

So if I turn down a committee, a dinner party, or a work project…please do not take it personal. I am seeking space to breathe…opportunities to pause and reflect. I hope you take the time to slow down too my friends!

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