student sponsorships.

The sweet support of individuals stepping up to support our students is a bit unexplainable.  When we began this adventure, it was just my sis, her hubby, a few friends and me trying to figure out what it will take to fund a school. Students were interviewed and pictures posted…website links created…email invites sent and Facebook statuses posted.  And then the sponsorships started flowing in…from work colleagues…from friends…from family members. With each little flash of an email from the Kozefò gmail account, my heart flutters just a bit as I see which student has been chosen…and then figure out the connection with the person making the contribution.

Thank you ALL!  We have the rent covered through two fundraising events, we have secured 30 sponsorships as of tonight, and a board member has sent a large portion of the fees for the food program!  Yea!  God is good.

There are still some students available that have not been selected yet…there are still funds needed to fully implement our feeding program.

Pause…pray…consider supporting the work of Kozefò… of this one little school in the country of Haiti.

sponsor a student

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