knowledge hunger.

I met up with a work colleague [actually…a FRIEND who is an educator] this afternoon.  We had not seen each other for quite some time.  There was a quick hug and hello…and then within MINUTES, we were swapping stories and ideas and sharing resources. The excitement and passion about what we do was evident. Laptops and iPads were used…videos were shown…links emailed. The discussion ranged from practical apps for student use, to pedagogical beliefs and “stages of change” continuums.

There is something about connecting with someone at that level…it motivates, it makes one hungry for knowledge… to read more, to observe, to understand. (Thanks Allison!)

Each night, as 9 pm and then 10 pm roll around, I know that I need to crawl in bed…and yet, I find myself on the internet or in a magazine or flipping through the pages of a book. 

There is so much that interests me…so many things I desire to know more about.  So many options for finding information – blogs,  online articles, books on faith/life/love, Pinterest, novels, People magazine, Facebook statuses, Kindle, professional journals, Twitter tweets, morning news programming, local papers, devotionals…oh if only I did not need sleep!

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