other people’s stories.

My sister and I had the opportunity to a share a bit of our personal stories about orphan care yesterday with a group of women gathered for a retreat at Camp Lebanon. We shared a peek into our hearts regarding a couple of sweet boys named Eli and JP…as well as a few other favorite dudes-Riky, Ecclesiastes, Stanley and Davensly…and a whole host of kiddos getting ready to start school in Port au Prince this week.  Of course, I got choked up, cuz that is what I do when I speak about matters of the heart! And I am incredibly grateful for the chance to tell the tales of the crazy connections that have occurred in so many lives that intertwine our hearts to Haiti.

called to care

However, as I drove home alone today and had time to reflect, it occurred to me that I really prefer hearing OTHER people’s stories.  The discomfort of telling my story, the awkwardness of being in the center of the conversation, is not my favorite thing to do.  I am much happier asking the questions…listening and digging deeper into the lives of others!  I met individuals that were raised in Africa and Singapore…there was the waiting mom-anticipating the adoption of her special needs child in Hong Kong…the witty comedian that just happened to know our sweet Stanley being adopted from the orphanage/school we support! (Sweet connection!) I heard from women that are unfulfilled in their jobs, looking for something to give them meaning.  Others confided fears about pregnancy difficulties or marriage troubles. A young mother of five children, simply wanted a peaceful moment in her day to shower without interruption.

Everyone has a story.  I am thankful for the chances to ask questions…to listen and learn.

One thought on “other people’s stories.

  1. Sara,

    “Everyone has a story” — yes, and it is so fun getting to know them and hear them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You were fast at getting on here. Thank you, my new roommate, for your kind words there. It was lovely meeting you and your mom and sister this weekend, and to hear your heart for students– both here and in Haiti. 🙂

    Looking forward to round two this weekend. Blessings to you. I’ve been praying for this time too.

    Jennifer Dougan

    Hey, I hyperlinked to your blog from my post there yesterday for half of the day before I realized that you might think of this as a personal blog instead (?). So I unlinked you this afternoon. Sorry about that.

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