letting go.

Planning. Scheduling. Taking care of tasks. I am confident in those things.

Trusting. Letting go. Rolling with the flow. These things are more difficult for me.

I was the youngster planning out life…college, marriage, job, kids and all. Making collages from JC Penny catalogs with my sis of my dreams for a perfect wedding…a sweet family (two kids and a dog.) Ha!

I am often the one planning out vacation itineraries or holiday menus. I like to map out my work calendar thoughtfully to be most effective. I like to have a plan.

However…over the past several years, I keep feeling God’s pull to let go. To give up a little (or maybe a lot) of the control. I need to leave space for opportunities…for a bit of spontaneity. I need to wait. I need to trust more. I need to pray. I need to listen.

I booked my next trip to Haiti for next week. There were plans and to-do lists. There were tasks I intended to complete. And yet, this is Haiti…things are unpredictable…things are out of my control.

A driver? An interpreter? A class full of students? These things are all still up in the air. I think I secured a driver. Thank you Roberson and Cynthia! Still hoping, waiting and praying on an interpreter. Students? Teachers? Praying they get the phone calls to show up!

And so I surrender…and pray. And know that God knows.

I will load my luggage with the generous donations of friends. I will carry my Creole phrase book. I will trust the journey. I will let go.


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