living in two worlds.

There is something magical about living in two vastly different worlds…

I often feel as though I am living the “good life,” as a suburban mom-urban educator-book clubber-foodie-yogi-jogger (yea I am still trying to be a runner)-bargain shopper-bible studier-traveler.  I am blessed. This IS a good life. And I am surrounded by incredible people.  Technology is easily accessible both at home and at work. The toughest decisions about food, are whether I should cook or go out to eat. I live in a very cozy, comfortable home with more bathrooms than people at the moment [3:2 ratio these days.] Hopping in my car…or even boarding a flight are options available to me easily. I have a closet filled with clothing choices…and shoes…and jewelry.

And I have learned NOT to take these things for granted.

Because…I also live in another world…if not physically living there, I AM living there in my heart (and traveling there as often as I can.)  This other home for me, is a sweet little orphanage/primary school in Haiti. There are four young dudes still living there, as they await their departures to their forever families in the US.  They sleep in little bunk beds all in one room. They share a couple of meals around the table each day. There are hours upon hours of unstructured time each day (no t-ball or soccer practices for these guys…no video games or iPods…little bits of TV occasionally when the power comes on…no trips to the waterpark or mall.) They make up games to play and are content to be hanging out. It is all they know.

The tough part about this dual living…is that when I am here…I miss there.  When I am there…I miss here.

And yet, the beauty of it all (this two-world living) is that it makes me savor the little joys in life a bit more than I ever did before. It keeps the craziness in check for me.  When overwhelmed by tasks of the new school year here in this American world, I can step back and breathe and know that I am living in abundance here.  That the opportunities I have to learn and grow, make me better prepared for my life there.

I will work hard this year…I will be a team player.  I will do my best to make a difference in the lives of children. In just a matter of days, I will support the hundreds of students coming to school in St. Paul and the 50 students arriving in Pernier.

I will try to speak the truth about the things in life that really do matter.





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