Kozefò 5K 2013 by the numbers

The 2nd annual Kozefò 5K was a success!

Goals had been set to reach 130 participants and raise $3,000 to cover the expenses of rent for the year. And we did.

Total Runners-Walkers registered: 145

Volunteers: 49

Total Raised: $5547.77

Donations for goods/services: $2200 value [two Kozefò Signs, Ray J’s gift card for top male finisher, jewelry display racks for Apparent Project jewelry, tent usage and three airline tickets]

Expenses: $998.55 [trail fees, water, ice, copies/laminating, hotel for A New Arrival Center Director’s family, Target gift cards for top finishers,

Profit – Net Total: $4,549.22!

Plus…we raised nearly $2000 for The Apparent Project with jewelry and Christmas ornament sales that will go directly to the artisans in Haiti.

In addition to the funds donated…we also raised awareness to the needs of education in Haiti.  There were conversations and insight shared that brought to light the work being done at A New Arrival Center-Primary School. To continue the work, please consider sponsoring a student!  Check out Kozefò at kozefo.org for more information. School begins on September 6th…planning to open a third classroom this fall!

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