second annual kozefò 5K.

start5KThe  2nd Annual Kozefò 5K will be held on August 17th at Woodbury Community Church. All proceeds will go towards the funding of a primary school in the Pernier community of Port au Prince, Haiti.

Much has been done in the three years since the devastating earthquake of 2010 due to the generosity of others.  Over a million people have left tent cities, most of the earthquake debris has been removed, and many positive changes in education have occurred, including reconstruction of schools, development of a national school feeding program, and the commitment of the government to pay fees for 900,000 children to attend classes.

However, nearly 50% of school age children do not attend school. Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world. More than half of it’s population live on less than a dollar per day, and approximately 80% live on less than two bucks per day. Due to the extreme poverty, many families are unable to afford to pay for schooling.  Most schools in Haiti rely on donor support to survive-to pay rent, teacher salaries, textbook and uniform fees.  Materials are lacking and the classroom environment is sparse.

Kozefò’s mission is to honor Christ’s call to love and care for the poor, through the programming of a primary school at A New Arrival Center to meet the needs of children in this community that was the first home for many orphaned children.  Our goal is to design and implement quality instructional practices to educate students in high-poverty conditions, so that they can be better skilled to achieve their hopes and dreams through continued education.

5K2012Please join us in supporting the work of Kozefò by running, walking or making a donation to their efforts.  Jewelry will also be available for purchase from the Apparent Project (, whose mission is making the needs of Haiti apparent to those who can help through media and the arts.

As my involvement began with this school two years ago, there is no way I would have imagined the direction it has gone. I have jumped to the challenge of Co-Director of this non-profit organization, along with my sister Lori and her husband, raising financial support through sponsorships and fund-raising to keep these 50 students in school.  Our special guest from Haiti, Rock Cayo (A New Arrival Center Director) will be attending the event with his family. Two of the students, (actually orphans living at A New Arrival Center) Stanley and Davensly, await adoption to my good friends-Doreen & David…and Ann & Scott. So…one day at a time, we work together to make a difference.

Come on out and support a great cause!

Register at:

school kids




Find out more at

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