ahhh serenity.

After a brief hiccup upon arrival, [my midwest naivete was taken advantage of by an airport shuttle worker who offered her phone so I could confirm my transport to the resort…as we waited for it’s arrival, she called the resort back, unbeknownst to us, and cancelled our ride, saying we were unhappy with them-I am sure she was hoping we would travel with her shuttle company…an hour later we realized what had happened and caught a taxi to our resort, to be greeted and upgraded by kind resort staff] we spent the past few days in complete relaxation.

Phuket offered lovely beaches, traditional Thai food, pedi for me/hour long foot massage for Bob-$13 total including tip, Starbucks coffee [nice treat after a week of instant coffee], shopping on/off the beach, time to read [Undaunted-a memoir of Karen refugee Zoya Phan]…back to Bangkok today…back to reality tomorrow.


beach reader

beach reader 2

Patong Beach

beach shopping

child on beach

Thai Starbucks


Phuket dinner

dinner date

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