travel partners.

It is essential to find an excellent travel partner in this game of life…someone that understands how to share the experience, willing to divvy up the responsibilities.

Bob and I make great partners.

We divide and conquer when we travel. We respect each other’s differences. We do our best to balance a little activity with some rest & relaxation.

  • I am the map reader, he is the keeper of the cash.
  • I like to try new foods (pho for me), he prefers to count on something predictable (chicken sandwich and fries for him.)
  • I like to people watch, wander through a city as a local, browse a little, shop a little…and so does he!

We saw a few beginning sights of Bangkok today. We were out and about for nearly 10 hours, riding taxis and trains and walking for miles (wish we had a pedometer with us.) We experienced a true Thai massage…side by side, as the masseuses stretched and straddled us…for just $16 for a full hour! We squished in with commuters on the train. We found a few treasures to bring home. (Bob’s first purchase was to replace the flip flops that broke during our flight time travels through Tokyo yesterday!)

It was a great start to this Asian adventure.

city of life

road sign

food market

chicken sandwich and fries


Thai massage

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