introvert or extrovert.

I think that I have believed myself to be an extrovert for much of my life.  I enjoy meeting new people-like mingling and making small talk in a crowd, or chatting with a stranger on an airplane. I traipsed across the country for a new job in southern Cal, fresh out of college…the thought of spending a month in a foreign country with new people and new adventures intrigued me…the challenges of my work inspire me to step up to opportunities and take risks…

And yet…there is such an incredibly needy introvert inside of me that gets all cranky and crabby when there is no down time!  Attending classes all day in a room of 140 learners, followed by conversations and dinners with colleagues…whew!  I find that I just need to sneak away and steal a bit of time alone.   I need the quiet-no TV or music.  I need to think and read and write.  I need to energize by being on my own…away from the chaos of a very chatty, opinionated, social world.

How about you? Introvert or extrovert? Take the quiet quiz from Susan Cain, author of Quiet. Pretty sure that I may be an introvert after all.

The Quiet Quiz

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