dinner and more.

There is such joy to share dinner with friends when the cooking is delish and the conversations real and relevant.  Chef Mike prepared a fabulous Jamaican dinner tonight based on a meal he had at Chino Latino…

chino latino menu item

jerk chicken

…flavorful grilled chicken, rice and red beans, roasted peppers, fresh pineapple and cilantro…LOTS of cilantro!  yummm.  Sous Chef Kathy whipped up a green salad with fennel, red onions, and fresh fruit in a peppery dressing. I shared a brownie tart with almond cream cheese frosting and fresh fruit.

We chatted about our kids…and jobs…our trips…and I walked away with a list of tips and books to check out!  Love it when that happens!

notes to self:

•chat time is a great way to make high quality low cost international calls anytime, without needing Wi-Fi or 3G. Who knew?

•take photos of valuables in preparation for a disaster…house fire, flood, tornado…good to know!

•shared a few giggles and “ahas” with this Parody Of Our Modern Church Service...especially with our worship buddy Rommel!

•heard about authors and books to consider:  Gabe Lyons…or 11: Indispensable Relationships You Can’t Be Without

good times…good friends.

dinner pals

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