hospitality and farewells.

IMG_7434We spent a beautiful day in the mountains, thanks to the incredible hospitality of the Cayo family.  The orphanage director, Rock, took us to his sister Danie’s home today. Following a jaunt through the earthquake damaged downtown area, we traveled up rugged roads, with an amazing view of the sea, into lush green tropics….and I was observing this all as I bounced around in the bed of the pick-up! (Don’t be jealous Sis!)

It was such a fabulous way to spend our last full day here, relaxing and enjoying a meal with Rock’s family…that made us feel like family!  There was crispy chicken (homegrown by Rock) and fried plantains with pikliz…served on a table outdoors.  We shared language lessons…English to Creole and vice versa…and many giggles over our attempts. The cook in me was fascinated by the coffee, mango, banana, and passion fruit trees…as well as the techniques and spices used for making our dinner! Rock and I had great conversations about what it will take to keep our school running…so it was wonderful to dream and plan…so now we pray. [For those of you interested in supporting our school, PLEASE let me know! We have big plans and will need a mighty BIG village to gather around this effort. It will be a blessing to partner and keep these sweet classrooms rolling!]

Cayo Collage

The mamas and boys savored their time together and said farewell for now…please be praying for the process to flow smoothly…for the time between now and then to go quickly for all.



3 thoughts on “hospitality and farewells.

  1. Sara, so proud of you for your leadership on this journey. God is using you in great ways. Can’t wait to hear about the dreams that God is giving you regarding the school. Praying for a safe trip back for you all, and praying that God will help you as you re-enter a world that is very different than Haiti. God has you living between two worlds, and I’m proud of how you are navigating both. Keep up the good work!

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