peace and joy.

In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, it is such a blessing to experience a little peace and joy.  That is where I was today. Feeling a sense of appreciation for the work that is being done in Haiti by incredibly passionate humble folks…lingering in the joy on the faces of children…giggling in the backseat of a pickup truck with some of my favorite peeps (we are truly bonded for life after sitting so snugly with our slippery sweaty skin!)

I arrived here days ago with many questions,  much uncertainty…and although I still seek direction and truth, I am feeling a peace that only comes from trusting that God knows what is next…and I LOVE when he gives me little sneak peeks of possibility.

Again, I will allow the pics to speak for themselves…

savoring the incredible beauty of a mountaintop view of Port au Prince…


…soaking in the sweet faces…


…seeing a bit of joy as my girlie shared some time with these adorable bugaloos…


…loving the FUN moments shared via technology…”Facebook Video” for Stanley to meet his dad and sisters back home!


…finishing the day with a little popcorn and movies with the boys…


My head is spinning with possibilities…hope…anticipation…

and my heart is overflowing with a lotta love tonight.

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