oh yes.

The anticipation for this trip created excitement, wonderings, hoping that all will go well. On previous trips, I have only been responsible for myself…comfortable to roll with whatever each day brought. And on this trip,  as I set the agenda for the day, attempting to share the joy I feel for this special little island and it’s people…so many questions bounced around in this silly mind of mine…

Will the school kids remember Breelynn and me?  Oh yes!


Will there be learning in the school? Oh yes!


Will I connect with the teachers?  Oh yes!


Will there be new adventures? Oh yes!


Will the boys and moms begin to bond?  Oh yes!


4 thoughts on “oh yes.

  1. Oh Yes! God is good! Prayers for all of you on your journey! Thank you for sharing a little bit of this country and its people and your journey! Blessings to you and your trip companions! 🙂

  2. My heart is so filled with sheer JOY as I see these pictures tonight! What a beautiful vision seeing those mama’s with their boys, Bree and Kyle creating memorable moments with those kiddos, you being right where you are supposed to be with those students and teachers! I am celebrating with you as you take each step of this journey. My heart instantly brings me back to my trips there and the memories I hold so tightly with each of my precious boys in their beautiful homeland. Treasure each moment and just let God lead you each step of the way! Sending love, gratitude and prayers!

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