place to be real.

IMG_6635Thank you for allowing me to use this space to be real…to share my thinking….to process my thoughts.

Hours were spent in flights, layovers and mechanical delays today, with plenty of time to think and ponder.

Just this week, my little sis’s family encountered a bit of racism towards their family-it is unclear whether the intentions were mean and hateful or the ignorance of adolescence…nevertheless, it was wrong and hurtful. The injustices that I see in this world occur more frequently that I care to count…the unfairness of decisions made…the incredible separation of the perceived “haves” and “have nots’ and the judgment.

As I was preparing for this trip to Haiti, so many people responded saying, “Oh, what a great thing you are doing…yada yada yada…” Little do they know that I selfishly find the need to take this trip for me….to seek perspective…to step away for a bit.

There is a need to detox-from job stress, negativity, insecurity, materialism, issues of equity…

In fact, I feel as though I am arriving with wwaaaaayyyyy more questions than any answers today. It is not really about what I am doing this week…but how God may be prompting me…how am I living my life?

I have a couple of great books packed, my ipod is filled with inspiring songs (I Saw What I Saw by Sara Groves, Slow Me Down by Robbie Seay Band, Beautiful Things by Gungor and Wake Up by All Sons and Daughters), and my travel partners are AWESOME!  Tomorrow we will see the boys….awwwwww.


3 thoughts on “place to be real.

  1. I always admire your transparency and desire to follow where Christ may lead you. May you find answers, joy, rejuvination, fellowship, and mostly His peace on your trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing the photos! Godspeed to you and your travel band:)

  2. Sara, have a wonderful time. It IS wonderful what you’re doing, but I also understand the need to just escape “our world”. It was great to see you the other night! Will look forward to following your adventure once again!

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