next haitian adventure.

For many of you, my adventures to Haiti are well-known.  Others may have heard bits and pieces along the way.  So allow me to share this next adventure..with a brief summary of how it all began…it would take hours to share ALL of the incredible connections that God has woven in to our lives.

Back in 2005, my sis and her husband began their journey of adoption, adding sweet Eli into the family in the summer of ’06…


The Schlecht family continued a relationship with the orphanage that had raised Eli during his first year and a half of life…bringing bunk beds, a TV, adding a playground to their space…and supporting the work of “A New Arrival Orphanage.”  During that time, JP entered their lives…and their hearts…and joined their family following the devastating earthquake of 2010…


These sweet nephews were meant to be part of the family…and our lives are richer because of their addition!


As I watched my sis’s heart reach out to expand her family, I felt a tug on my own to do something too…not really sure what that would be…yet waiting on God to mold me and shape me and direct my next steps…and so, when a chaplain at a Bethel University Mega Rally encouraged us to do something radical, I felt called to simply spend time in Haiti, living and loving and seeing where it may lead.

That first summer was spent teaching an English class for nearly a month and living at the orphanage, building relationships with the boys and staff, as my daughter and I grew to love the nation of Haiti…

summer 2011

I have had the opportunity to return twice since that initial trip to follow up with the orphanage/school program and to provide teacher training…such a blessing in the development of the non-profit work of Kozefò.

kozefo school teacher training

And still the adventure continues…through various connections with girls in my senior high small group…friends at church…and the divine intervention of God…the last two boys living in the orphanage without families are being adopted by my good friends the Haroldsons and Pearcys (click on their names to be connected to their personal blogs.) The dossiers have been accepted by IBESR and now they continue to wait.

adoptive fams

On Tuesday morning…I will be heading back to Port au Prince…with my daughter, her boyfriend, Doreen Haroldson and Ann Pearcy…to meet their sons…and to learn more about organizations working in Haiti committed to caring for God’s people…through education…through empowering families.

I am walking patiently, as I determine next steps in my involvement on this beautiful island.

We will visit the following sites…




Haiti Partners

One step at a time, one day at a time…we are trusting God’s plan…seeking to do His work.

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