memories of a 6th grade teacher.

There were many great teachers in my educational years…but my 6th grade teacher holds a very special place in my heart. He made learning fun. We had a crazy talent show that was video taped for all to see…there was winter camp and a summer canoe trip…he taught us how to fold a map and how to make Indian Fry bread. I am sure there was plenty of sarcasm.  Anyone from Paynesville may also hold some dear memories of Mr. Deegan. One of my All-Time favs.

So when I reflect on the impact he had in my life, I can only begin to imagine the memories that have been made in my husband’s 6th grade classroom over the years.  Today marks the end of an era, as he taught his very last 6th grade class. (Restructuring in the district, as grade 6 moves to the middle school. So he will remain in the elementary setting as a support teacher for grades 4 and 5.)

He has been a fearless classroom leader for over 20 years, instructing over 600 students…impacting their lives through his wit, humor and some really awesome card games!  This day is bittersweet. He loves what he does, and yet who knows what exciting adventures this next phase of life will bring?  Farewell 6th grade! Bring on the next big thing!  🙂

last day grade 6 IMG_6609_2

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