elements of a b’day.

Remember when you were young?  Birthdays were all about the invitations, the decorations, the cake, the party bags…maybe even a sleepover!  Many…a sleepover party in my day! Kinda wish I could have found a pic or two of some blasts from the past “Sleepover Parties” but then again….it is probably best that I did not.

So, now in my middle age years…these are some elements of my very perfect day…

  • birthday poetry and gift cards taped to my steering wheel this morn (from my adorable hubby)
  • phone calls from 3 favorite ladies:  my mama, my sis, and my daughter
  • sweet texts and Facebook messages (gotta love social media on days like this)
  • a lunch….all alone…with a great cup of coffee…as I snuck away from work for a bit
  • a crazy gift I helped choose…a new “home office space” in my sunroom…complete with a bulletin board ready to be filled with bits of inspiration
  • tattoos and fireworks with my senior high girls!
  • dinner [chips, salsa, guac, grilled shrimp, rice and ice cream cake dessert] with some fav chicas!
  • yet to come…another dinner with friends…hh with another group…birthday celebrations that last and last and last…

B'day Collage


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