mid life perspective.

Today begins my birthday week….and I was given a little lesson on life this afternoon.

This week I will turn 45. This could be a time to simply coast in life…feeling as though things are sailing along on “cruise control”  for me…I am 20+ years into a wonderful marriage…my daughter is nearing independence as a junior in college…I am in a job that feels comfortable enough to ride to retirement…family and friends fulfill my life.

It is just another birthday.

…and then I went to visit my grandma…GG Mable.

GG Mable

She is 92…so if you do the math, I am not quite even HALF WAY there!

Wow. That seems a little crazy to think about…to consider the possibilities of living ANOTHER 45 years! What will I do with my time?  How will I embrace each day…finding comfort in the familiar, without settling for status quo? When I reflect on the journey so far…and consider all that has already happened in these past 45 years, I cannot even begin to imagine what may be next!

I think I will embrace each day for what it is…to dream big…to take chances…to love a little more…to think and question…to step out of my comfort zone…to say no to the things that no longer bring me joy…to live life as fully as I can.

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