With such tragedy and violence and bad news in the world this week, I am taking a detour to share something that is inspiring me right now…

Last evening I attended an event sponsored by World Relief Minnesota, that caused me to pause and reflect on my own life, in comparison to the stories shared by refugees that have left ALL they know to come and live in a foreign land, in order to escape war, persecution, danger.




Bob, Soo Keemy sweet hubby, has embraced a particular group of refugees from Myanmar (Burma)…that have spent years and years in refugee camps in Thailand.  He visits families weekly…bringing pizza and ice cream…takes them shopping at The Dollar Tree and Pawn Shops…plays card games and helps with homework.

He has also spent years teaching students from both Myanmar and Thailand (along with a myriad of other countries)…so a trip to Thailand has been on his “bucket list” for a long, long time.

Thus the plans begin…we are currently researching and planning for our upcoming trip this summer.  Sometimes, just seeing the world beyond our own life is enough… to be live with gratitude…to experience joy…to find peace.

Just go

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