sunday prep.

As the snow and sleet continue to storm down on us, I persevere through my typical Sunday prep.  This is a day of rest and also a day of  preparing for the week ahead…

It usually begins with a dose of inspiration and worship…today reflecting on the grace, forgiveness and discernment we are given by God…


…followed by a brunch with Bob, as we chat about the week ahead and plan a menu…

  • sunday.chili and cornbread.
  • monday.burgers and salads at ray j’s.
  • tuesday.sauteed pork chops and asparagus.
  • wednesday.french toast and fresh berries.
  • thursday.grilled chicken and veggies. (if the snow ever stops.)
  • night.
  • saturday.pasta and salad.

…grocery shopping and then prep work for the week’s lunches and meals…

sunday prep

…cooking a Sunday dinner that will add leftovers to the lunch mix for the week (chili tonight on this frigid spring day)

…reading and napping and resting for the week ahead.

Blessings to you all as you begin another week…for those of you up north with me, keep your chin up…spring will come one day – until then, make a bowl of soup and cuddle in under a fleece blankie…that is where I am headed.

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