Bread & Wine review…and my BFF Shauna

The long awaited release of Bread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes is today!  I received my early release copy months ago when I had a pile of books to read…I shared her love of food while in the midst of her book…I recalled her view on being Present not Perfect …and now the reviews are starting to show up on Amazon.  Take a look at my review here.  🙂

Someone asked me if I personally know the author, Shauna Niequiest, and I had to admit that I did not. It is a funny thing when you read someone’s blog, and their books, and follow them on Pinterest — you actually feel as if you DO know them!

So Shauna, if you are ever in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, I’d love to treat you to a chai tea latte, baked hashbrowns and a coconut macaroon at Swede Hollow Cafe…or maybe the best spread trio with boursin, tapenade, and roasted garlic hummus on grilled flat bread with a glass of wine at Cravings!

Here is a pic below of my new “BFF,” sitting in her kitchen (thanks to the efforts of her Assistant Brannon!) I will let you know if she calls…or emails…or comments…or texts…  🙂


p.s. Thank you so much Zondervan for the advanced copy and the opportunity to preview this book!

3 thoughts on “Bread & Wine review…and my BFF Shauna

  1. haha OH MAN. I did the same kind of post and we have the same blogging theme. We are internet twins! Wish we could all gather around one table with our internet friends and IRL friends 🙂

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