ingredients of a great “girls weekend”

Refreshed. Inspired. Energized. Content.

Getting away for a long weekend with a group of girlfriends is such a luxury….and such a necessity.

Other women often tell me that they are unable to find the time or resources to make this happen…so allow me to challenge any woman out there to think a bit differently.  If it seems impossible to find the time, then do your best to make the time. If you are married with children, convince your hubby that a little time away may be just what you need to feel a little more “sexy”  🙂  Tell your sweet kiddos that “if mama ain’t happy, nobody ain’t happy.” Put your to do lists away, pack your work up to be put on hold until your return. If you are single, then leave a light on, lock up your place and sneak away! Hire a teenager to feed your pets or walk your dog.  Do what you gotta do to make it happen.

I have chosen to surround myself with incredible women.  And I have chosen to escape a bit of reality every so often for female bonding.

There are a few essentials that made this weekend so fabulous…

  • real, relaxed, vulnerable conversations – stories and questions and uninterrupted time to chat…spurred on by Table Topics and The Chick Game and shared life experiences
  • flexibility and adaptable behavior – no guilt if someone wants to sleep in…or if a few want to go walk and the others head to a yoga class…some may watch a movie, while others play a game. Freedom.
  • great food (whether cooking together or dining out) savor the flavors that you can share with girlfirends…our menu was amazing! Appetizers, Soup, Salad, Lettuce Wraps, Egg Bake, Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoe Fritters and more…I chose to share French Toast – topped with toasted coconut/bananas and coconut syrup Yummo to all of it!
  • laughter…crazy games (Quelf…what a bizarre experience! and Farkle) and gathering 40-50 year olds for an action packed jumping pic! (it only took 20+ attempts to get these three!)

Jumping Collage

So…break out of our your routines.  Break out of your comfort zone.  Find a few friends to join you.  Live a little. You will be blessed by the time away and the relationships you build.

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