coffeeLife is often about compromise and making the most out of the circumstances I find myself surrounded by. I do my best to roll with the flow most days. And yet, as I get older, I find that there are a few things that have become necessary to my well-being…

  • REST. 8 hours are needed, but I do best with 9 hours of sleep…crazy I know.
  • WATER. Preferably with a straw.
  • FOOD. Basics for me include eggs, whole wheat english muffins, peanut butter, apples, chicken, pasta and chips…yes, salty chips.
  • CLOTHING. I like variety, but could be content with tailored slacks and a crisp button-up for work…and a fit pair of jeans or yoga pants paired with a tee and a hoodie on the weekends.
  • ONE ON ONE TIME WITH MY FAV PEOPLE. Groups are fine, but I crave real and intimate conversations.
  • EXERCISE.  When I  make time for a walk or jog or a bit of stretching, I feel so much better.
  • READING. Blogs, books, magazines…all of it. I love to peek into other worlds through print.
  • DOWN TIME.  I often become desperate for moments of quiet…pj days…with no agenda…endless hours of free time.
  • MUSIC. A good mix of Norah Jones, Sara Groves, Pink, Fun., and some awesome worship. Absolutely necessary.
  • COFFEE. Yes. Definitely coffee with a good pour of half and half.

What are your non-negotiables…the things you crave…the necessities that fit your life?

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