My intent in this space is to search for the positive spin on things…to find the silver linings…to focus on the bright side of life…

…and yet, there is reality…the days when I would prefer to crawl back under the covers…when the demands of work and responsibilities make me crabby…when my clothes are too tight…or the bags under my eyes are darker than usual.

Like today…when I arrived at the coffee shop at 6 am, and the Barista had not arrived – NO coffee for me…

…and my 20-30 minute commute took an hour and a half in snowy conditions…

…AND when the temps are still frigid and the wind is blowing in mid March.


Just thought I would share…so that you do not think that it is all happy rainbows and unicorns over here…I get the crabbies too!  🙂 Trying so hard to stay positive.

One thought on “reality.

  1. I know what you mean! I was trying to pretend that the reflection today was bouncing off of white sand instead of new snow:) This too shall pass!

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