in the midst of bread and wine.

bread and wineI am midway through reading and reviewing Shauna Niequist’s upcoming new book Bread and Wine…savoring each intimate story…connecting to my own adventures with food and gathering around a table to share life with the people I love.  The book will be available April 9th…so be sure to consider a “pre-order” or be ready to snatch up a copy next month.

My mind matches Shauna’s, as it often wanders around menus and recipes and savory treats. Last Saturday night, I lingered in a friend’s kitchen and then moved to a chandelier-lit table with my B’studs (…and husbands.) Most Monday mornings are spent with these gals at a local Starbucks to discuss bible-based books and share our stories of life with each other at 6 am. Bringing the boys into the mix last weekend was a gift.  There were deep conversations and laughter and bonding over techno gadgets (ya gotta love adjusting the music volume  and switching the Pandora mix from Adele to Van Morrison right from the dinner table!)

B'Stud dinner party

The tasty food is just a bonus to the conversations and relationships…it is simply a part of the whole experience.  I have sat around a table with these same friends to share Trader Joe’s boxed apps and Papa Murphy’s “take and bake” pizza. The point is simply to gather.

In just a month, I will escape with another group of great pals, for a weekend up north…the emails and texts are flying…with menu options and food combinations! The anticipation…the sense of expectation builds…as the planning continues and the spreadsheet fills…take a sneak peek at a portion of our plan…


So grab a cookbook…or a take-out menu…and invite some friends to gather around your table.

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