coming to peace with weather


Blog writer Kristen from Rage Against the Minivan recently asked a “question of eternal significance: Do you enjoy winter weather?” To which she shared…“Living in that kind of cold weather made me feel stir crazy. It was unfathomable to me that there were months of the year where I just couldn’t go outside for more than 15 minutes without feeling miserable. I missed sunshine and tank tops and being outdoors.”

I attempted to add my opinion to the 90+ comments, but got logged off her site while typing…so allow me to offer a different perspective…

As she left her sunny home to travel north for a taste of snow and “white Christmases” and changing seasons…I left my midwest home and moved to southern California for sunshine, beaches and year round mild temps.

I loved it.  I really did. Farmer’s Markets, boogie boarding, dining al fresco, flip flops, driving with the windows down, long walks in the warm evening air…

And yet…our family drew us back home…to the changing seasons, to the frigid winters, to the windy and sloppy springs.

I know this is where we are meant to be…do I miss the sweet climate of southern Cal?  Absolutely.  But this is home.  So I have grown to embrace the weather, rather than whine and wish.  I love the anticipation of the changing seasons. As the humid summery season ends, I long for the crisp fall evenings when I can pull out my hoodies and sit under a fleece blanket at a Friday night football game…and as that season turns the corner, I anxiously await the first snowfall, sitting by the fire with a cup of cocoa…and again as the cold days of winter come to an end, the fresh air of spring and appearance of green grass brings hope.

So…dear friends…make the choice! Pack up and head to a new climate…or come to peace with the one you’re in.  I am currently up to my eyeballs in snow…so I will head to the lit cross country ski trails and do a little night time skiing!  …and look forward to glimpses of warmer days ahead.

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