social media break.

IMG_6413It is a perfect day to make a coconut mocha…grab a handful of fat, flat chocolate chips…and sit in a comfy chair with my thoughts…

The lessons I am learning right now are challenging me to disconnect a bit and spend time doing the things I love…to unplug from the negative and plug into the positive.

I am taking a hiatus from Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all of the other social media pieces that sneak into the spare moments of my day.  I have even removed those apps from my phone for now. There have been minutes…hours… lost, surfing the screen for news.  I am feeling challenged to take a little break…to demonstrate a little self-discipline, in order to be a better me.

I will use my time to read books instead of statuses and tweets… I will converse with real people instead of the ones that I read about through updates. I will make time to get a little fresh air and exercise each day…to ski or run or wander through my neighborhood.  I will putter around in my kitchen and try a few new recipes. Perhaps I should learn to knit! I may write a letter or call a long distance pal; I may listen to some inspiring music. I will meet friends for lunch. I will play cribbage with my husband.

I will attempt to live fully…to savor the moments in my days…

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