rest and renewal.

Finding time to rest is vital to our health…and to our sanity. The pace that is typical for most of us is incredibly crazy…filled with demands and expectations…seeking productivity in all we do.  Even the downtime in most households is filled with chores, tasks, and other demands.  In an effort to unplug from the responsibilities, we often choose to sit in front of a computer screen…TV screen…or a big screen at the movie theatre…and lull our stress into a quiet buzz.

So on the rare occasion, when I can escape the rat race, and traipse off to the wilderness or find some time to play, I am renewed…

This past weekend, I traveled north about three hours with 30+ teenagers…to have real and raw conversations…to play endless games of Boggle…to eat cheesy, greasy pizza fries…to ski through the frosty quiet woods…and face my fears on the downhill runs.  I remembered how to trust and care…to see how God is at work in my life-through the good stuff AND the tough stuff. I encouraged others and was encouraged.

I laughed.  I cried.  I learned how to breathe again.



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