feeling sick stinks.

It has been a long week of virus-type symptoms…sore throat (CRAZY sore)…fever and chills…body aches…sinus pressure…coughing…headaches.  After plowing through 5 days of balancing work and health…I am on day #3 of total rest and recovery in my home…in solitary confinement.

So when Facebook asks…

Picture 3…I hardly dare respond.  I have felt miserable…ridiculously miserable.  So much so, that I called my parents in tears this morning, unsure what I should even do…the ibuprofen/acetaminophen/dayquil/nyquil routine was just not working.  Hot tea and honey…plenty of rest…plenty of liquids…just not working.

With a virus, we need to simply allow it to run it’s course. So now, just a few hours since my pathetic call to my mom and dad, I am feeling as though I am turning the corner…seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

With my wimpy, whiny health complaints, I reflect on those that have chronic illnesses…SERIOUS pain, fatigue, migraine headaches on a daily basis, for days, weeks  and months on end.  According to the National Health Council, “Generally incurable and ongoing, chronic disease affects approximately 133 million Americans, representing 45% of the total population of this country.”  How do they do it?  How do they not go just a little crazy? How do they not go into a dark room and choose to stay there forever? How do they persevere through the motions of daily routines?

I may still have a nagging cough and the lingering of a pounding headache…but I am grateful that my health is returning.  I will pray for those that struggle, day in and day out with health issues. I will show kindness and compassion to friends that are ill.  I will show gratitude for medicines and sick leave…for physicians and nurses…for health insurance.    I will choose to make healthy lifestyle choices. I will pay attention to my body and slow down when I need to rest.

Be grateful for your health.  Savor it! Do not take it for granted.

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