piles of books.

I LOVE to read…and find that there is just never enough time to read as often as I like. Going to work every day from 8 to 4+ certainly gets in the way of my reading!  My mom has mastered the art of reading…she always has a stack of books piled up beside her bed…propped next to her chair in the living room…or stashed in her purse when she is out and about.

I find that I have similar reading tendencies…piles and options always around.

Currently working through a couple of books for studies that I am doing with my girlfriends…


In Visible Fellowship

And then there are the other non-fiction treasures that just arrived from Amazon….


Haiti after the Earthquake

…plus the fiction fluff that I read to escape reality a bit…just finished this one by a favorite author of mine…

falling together

And today, I got news that I will be receiving Shauna Niequist’s new book to preview and review!  I am thrilled to get a sneak peek.  I have loved her previous books…Cold Tangerines was delightful…I had an opportunity to review Bittersweet prior to it’s release as well…and now…I anxiously await the arrival of…


Stay tuned for sweet and savory delights from this new book of hers!  I cannot wait to share it with you.

How about you? What are you reading? Please comment and add to my piles of books!

5 thoughts on “piles of books.

  1. All I’m reading right now are books for work, it seems! Our leadership team is reading Courageous Conversations, by Glenn Singleton to look at the ways that racism impacts our work in schools. Also, Driven by Data, a look at truly holding all students to high expectations. But, my favorite fiction book this year was “Waltzing Jimmy Jackboy,” about a boy in Australia coming to terms with the clash between traditional and more modern culture.
    Love your blog, Sara!

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