healthy living…even in the winter.

Again…it is time to embrace the season.  We have had several days of frigid temps and snow fall…and now I need to simply savor the beauty of the sun today and the cute sweater, scarf, boot combo that I can wear!


So…as I am bundled under layers of bulky warm clothing, it is time to pursue some healthy lifestyle options…even though I would prefer to lounge around on the sofa, eating salty chips and dip, drinking “not-so-healthy” beverages.

…inspired by a colleague’s dedicated Paleo Cleanse…I have been working on a modified Paleo plan of my own…although I still allow myself several freedoms (cuz I am a middle age woman that still needs to savor life and all of it’s cheesy, carbolicious delights)  However, simply making a few slight changes in my breakfast/lunch/snack options, I feel like I have more energy!

…my college roommate has challenged me to continue our 3 day/week exercise plan…(if I miss a day, I owe her a $5 Starbucks gift card.)

Picture 1

…my Fitness/Foodie Pal encouraged her “blog readers” to increase strength with a little Push-up Challenge…I could only do 21 on my first day (out of shape and dealing with a weak shoulder due to carrying my big work bag!  grrr.) Hoping to reach 100 at some point!

Picture 3

So…here is to a happy healthy lifestyle…even in the midst of below zero winter temps!

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