my imaginary friends.

I have friends….real pals. In fact, just this week, I spent a long weekend in Vegas with a few of them, I met one for a morning fitness training session, I hot-tubbed with my fav “young friends”, met some for pizza and drinks last night, and enjoyed a Friday afternoon with the most amazing work colleagues.

And yet…I will admit….I have the greatest imaginary friends.  I know, right, that should have ended in my childhood…but nope…I really do have some of the best peeps in my life (and they probably don’t even know it!)

So let’s start with the MOST imaginary….

I would love to share in a loud, boisterous evening meal with my BFF family…the Bravermans.  Seriously, who would not want the craziness of Zeek and his sweet wife Camille to be hosting dinner in that amazing backyard of theirs…complete with my fav girls-Sarah, Kristine, Julia and Jasmine….throw in the sensitive, creative and witty dudes-Adam, Crosby and Joel. Oh my.  We could really bond.


And then I would LOVE to curl up on the sofa with my besties Meredith and Christina and a big bowl of popcorn…we could talk and hang out and share how we really feel about life.  We could speak or not.  No worries.  Good times….


And my final MOST imaginative encounter would be meeting up with sweet Rayna Jaymes for a glass of wine at the Bluebird Cafe…maybe our friends Gunnar and Scarlett could be singing in the background as we chat about her marriage, her girls, the upcoming tour and Deacon…oh Deacon.

Picture 1

If that is not crazy enough…I have some other great “friends” that I follow via their blogs….and I actually begin to feel like I know them!  Stalker?  I hope not!  I am just inspired to be better…to think more…to challenge the system…to make the world a little brighter!  So I would LOVE to call up Kristen (Rage Against the Minivan) and get the scoop on her recent Juice Fast while discussing racism, parenting, and speaking boldly …or run a couple of miles with Tara (theLivesayHaitiweblog) and listen to her perspective on being a momma/wife/Heartline•midwife extraordinaire in Haiti!

And last not but not least…are the crazy Facebook Friends that I have…you know the ones…I haven’t spoken to them in nearly 20 years, but I feel like I am a part of their life.  I know all of the details (or at least I think I do, because I read the posts and see the pics.) For example, I would love to see Amy’s daughter perform ballet…or meet Julie in a Napa Valley vineyard or a beach in Maui…


And so….I will continue to imagine…to savor my REAL friendships and a few cyber ones…

there really IS enough love to go around!

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