resolution 2013.

I am a fan of resolutions…for years and years I have been writing my resolutions…striving to make each year, the BEST yet.  In fact, I often create two sets…developing resolutions for New Year’s #2 at the start of the school year (perfect new beginnings for teachers, students and parents of school kiddos.)

So….this year, there will be no rules…no specifics…just a simple desire to seek PEACE & JOY.

In all things, I will seek Peace & Joy.  I will choose to do the things that bring me peace & joy.

I may eat the big and juicy cheeseburger on Monday…and then go back to yogurt/granola and a healthy salad the next day…

Going to the gym no longer brings me much joy…but I do love to put my iPod on and walk/jog/ski…

Choosing to read multiple blogs, People magazines, inspiring Christian books, and the latest literary fluff…oh yes…

Early morning quiet times, while lounging in bed…as well as afternoon naps please me…

Volunteering for the things I love…and saying “No” to the things that don’t…

Finding time for family and friends…and intentionally carving time out for a little solitude…

…so you get the picture….I am seeking the good things in life this year.

Blessings to you…and Happy New Year!

peace and joy

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