christmas traditions…old and new.

I absolutely LOVE traditions…in fact, I may be a bit obsessive, compulsive about them…but I really do just LOVE the rituals and routines that occur around holidays.  The family gatherings, the food, the activities, the heritage that is shared and passed on from one generation to the next…I recall Christmases past with grandparents now gone (fond memories of the popcorn gumdrop cake that GG Agnes used to make) and cousins sharing instrumental pieces (there really is nothing quite like a trumpet and flute duet!) and the tears that were shed by dear Tricia Lee when the Minnesota cousins would depart. This year, I loved exchanging FB messages and phone calls with those sweet cousins spread across the country.

New traditions were started, and old ones shared…such an incredibly WONDERFUL time of year.

Since our Fondue meal had been out-voted by my fam, I sent a plea via Facebook, requesting suggestions for a new holiday meal for our little family of 3+…(here is just a snippet of the 37 recommendations!)

Picture 2

…and we ended up going with Appetizers!  Perfect and casual…and it brought us all together in the kitchen, chopping, baking, mixing, laughing…

Family Christmas

The Scandinavian Heritage continues to be an important piece of our family gatherings, as Bree and Kyle whipped up sweet Krumkake…and then Nana shared GG’s recipe for Lefse with her daughters and grandkids…with Eli proving to be the happiest little Haitian-Norwegian we know!

Scandinavian Cooking

The traditions continued from family to family, including sledding adventures, great conversations, afternoon reading/naps, baking and celebrating blessings with a Jesus B’day cake, waffle breakfast buffet, hiking at the park, family dinners…

Christmas traditions

As this Christmas season is winding down, once again, I am thankful for the traditions old and new.  How about you?  PLEASE comment and share a favorite tradition that you and your fam enjoy this time of year.  I LOVE hearing from all of you faithful readers out there!  🙂 Merry Merry!

4 thoughts on “christmas traditions…old and new.

  1. Sara, I am at the other end of the spectrum regarding enjoyment of traditions…but do a few! We make Spritz cookies and a cherry candy to share with family. On Xmas eve, we go to my sister’s house on a small lake and skate. With the small amount of snow this year, we were able to skate the entire lake!

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