good conversations.

Each Christmas Eve, our family gathers at my parents’ home, filled with fun and tradition.

A highlight of this togetherness is sharing our blessings of the year one by one, placing our lit candles in birthday cupcakes for Jesus. These moments of reflection are filled with emotion and laughter, as young and old pause to express blessings of the past year. It is a tradition we have shared for many years…so the kids have grown up with the expectation of baring a little peek into their hearts.

This year I am grateful for the conversations I share with the people I love. My sweet husband/best friend listens and converses daily, as I process life with him about every little thing…my dear girlie and I chat daily too, either by phone or texting-such a gift to share random events and the thoughts that run through our minds…my parents are available for mid day calls when I am running between meetings or driving home from work…I am blessed with a sis that asks “real questions” and shares the status of the fam with me…my nieces and nephews will still cuddle on the couch to chat or send me texts..and I cannot forget the great pals that share their thoughts over a mug of coffee or a glass of wine. These conversations enlighten my views…help form my attitudes/opinions…give me perspective and appreciation.

Merry Christmas my Half-Full readers! Thanks for listening along this year.

Wishing you love and blessings and many great conversations!

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