i will pray.

My heart is so, so heavy…over the incredibly sad situation that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Innocent lives were lost in just a matter of minutes.  Their stories tug at my emotions.

victims photo from NBC

Although not personally involved in any way, I feel deep connections pulling at the emotions in my heart (as so many others across the world feel too.)

As a parent, I grieve the incredibly crazy loss for those that have lost a child…rethinking every single detail of the last moment that they shared with their sons or daughters…from the “pink dress and boots” that she wore or the “sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich” that he ate at the deli that morn….recalling those final words shared as the littles ran off to school for the day…oh the unimaginable sadness of it all.

As a spouse, I ache for the individuals having lost the one he/she had chosen to live life with til “death do us part.” Knowing that they will no longer share date nights or cuddles on the couch or lazy, carefree Saturday morning coffee together…to have lost that life partner in just an instant, with no opportunity for one more moment together…to say the things unsaid…to hold one another just one more time. I ache.

As a teacher, I understand the great demands of inspiring little minds and keeping them safe.  Just this week, as I met with my senior high girls small group, they were recalling the “lockdown drill” they had participated in that day…and our sweet Danish foreign exchange student was visibly distraught by the experience and the fear it had created.  I shared that as a teacher, I had actually cried after my first “lockdown drill,” as a 22 year old teacher in southern California when my little 5 and 6 year olds had giggled and wiggled throughout the drill…I tearfully told them that they must be silent and still!  It was my job to protect them and keep them safe in case of danger.  So now, I cry once again, thinking of those incredibly brave teachers that did their best to protect those young students.

News media and social media are running rampant with thoughts and reflections on this horrific event.  Gun control, school safety responses, and increasing support for mental health concerns…there is much to do.
Prayers and hugs have been called into question since they cannot fix anything…and yet, I will hug and I will pray.

The message in Jesus Calling on the day of this event, provided a reminder that I will linger in… “Rest in me, my child, forgetting about the worries of the world. Focus on Me-Emmanuel-and let My living Presence envelope you in Peace. Tune in to My eternal security, for I am the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Trust and believe my friends.  Find peace.  Hug the ones you love…and pray.

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