inspired by creative folks.

There are some seriously creative individuals out in the world…and I had the opportunity to be inspired by a few yesterday…

Musicians, song writers, singers…wow.  There really is something about great music to create a mood.  I had created a little playlist (Music to Warm your Soul) for a friend this week …to accompany a party theme of “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” So I listened along in my car yesterday as I traveled from one creative creature to another…and that music actually did warm my soul a bit…music has the power to inspire.

Stop #1

…shared in a little festive support at my friend’s darling floral/coffee shop…her creative mind is non-stop as she gathers eclectic mixtures of objects to inspire others with her sweet vignettes…she would direct me to wrap tulle on a whimsical white wire Christmas tree or to hang homemade pom pom garlands haphazardly over her cheery red wall.  In between her creative bursts of decorating, she is creating lattes and mochas and chatting with her regulars. Wow.

Stop #2

a quick lunch with my mom and dad…and a secret pick-up of my mom’s creative handiwork to share as Christmas gifts (shhh!  I cannot tell what she made for me to give away just yet)

Stop #3

spending a little time with my nieces at a dance show…each with their own creative spirits showing up yesterday….Avalon shared her creative dancing – both in action on the dance floor and behind the scenes as choreographer…Faith shared her creative heart – loving on others with her sweet conversational skills and compassion (yes we BOTH cried together during the dance show…and giggled deeply MANY times in our shared moments)

Stop #4

sharing in wood-fire pizza at a colleague’s home in South Minneapolis…complete with a fabulously renovated home that includes their very own brick oven in the backyard.  My garlic, chunky tomato, onion, kalamata olive, mushroom, mozz, blue cheese pizza topped with arugla was divine!  And then check out their creative tinfoil action to send the leftovers home.  Crazy creative, huh?

‘Tis the season to give and receive…I will be listening to great music…watching for the creativeness of others…and hoping to try a little of my own.  Look out Pinterest…here I come!

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