dining alone.

My sweet husband is at parent-teacher conferences tonight, hosting his own “dinner club” with his colleagues, complete with Little Caesar’s pizza, Caesar Salad and my fail-proof Special K bars…and since I do not need to attend any conferences until next week, I am dining alone…

…so I have a little Zoey Deschanel Christmas music playing…

and then all I really need is deli olives!

I threw a little fresh spinach on the plate, topped it with some feta cheese, chopped up some grilled chicken from the deli too…and a drizzle of olive oil before throwing on a few…well, several kalamata olives.  Yummmm-o! (Kinda made me miss the Spread Trio with olive tapenade at Cravings!)

So, as I put away the rest of the groceries…all of the packaged and canned goods needed for the feast next Thursday…and attempt to get creative in a little gift for my friend’s “Mother of…the groom AND bride” party…oh yes…TWO weddings in just a matter of months for a son AND a daughter… Lucky Girl….all I need to complete this dining experience is a sweet glass of Chardonnay and some mini kisses.

So…the next time YOU are dining alone…forget the fast food drive-through…or a bowl of cereal (although that IS a pretty tasty option every now and then)…and treat yourself to some favs that the rest of your fam may not select…I did.  🙂

One thought on “dining alone.

  1. While I love cooking dinner for my husband or sitting around the fire and then having him grill a piece of meat… I, too, savor a couple of dining nights alone. Your meal sounds divine…. Some of my favorite “single” night meals are: balsamic glazed mushroom and onion pizza with pesto, a bowl of potato soup with a huge slice or two of french bread, and anything thrown in a tortilla… eggs, beans, cheese.. perhaps a slice of bacon thrown on top for good measure! I never eat cereal for dinner and will occasionally eat a bowl of campbell’s soup:( but am always disappointed. A real meal is always my friend!

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