trick or treat.

It really is a rather curious holiday…filled with ghosts and ghouls and creepy things.  Many families take a stand not to celebrate for various reasons of creepiness and evil.

And yet…the silliness of ringing doorbells for a little treat can be kinda fun.

Bob got the crazy idea of bringing a couple of the refugee girls out for their first trick or treating adventure…so I ran to the dollar section of Target and found skirts, crowns, wands and treats bags…and Voila!  Princesses!

Following a quick tutorial…”ring doorbell, say trick or treat, take candy and say thank you” we were off.

Pyo Cho, Htoo Square, and Tee Ku Moo were ready!  They followed the instructions and filled their bags. There were giggles throughout!

It has been a few years since the days of taking our own little girlie out on this holiday night, so I had forgotten the fun and sense of community that pops up.  Friendly neighbors greeting children at their doors, families in cul-de-sacs gathered around bonfires, groups of friends joining up to walk the streets together….

…nothing quite like this in Thailand or Myanmar.  Gotta love America. Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “trick or treat.

  1. Nice job on the last minute costumes! They look so cute! I bet they had a blast. We were talking last night about how we’ll be walking around next year with Stanley! Can’t wait!!!

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