Tonight we celebrated my dad…the coach.  He was honored with the Minnesota Assistant Baseball Coach of the Year award. Such a proud moment as a daughter, to see a man recognized for his years of commitment to the career of coach [Following a college baseball career as a lefty pitcher, he began coaching in the late 60’s, coaching Varsity/JV basketball and baseball over the years  and continues to coach at Paynesville Area High School.] They spoke of his dedication to the game and his extensive knowledge of pitching…what they didn’t mention are all of the great things my little sis and I got to see behind the scenes…

Our dad loves the game of baseball.  In fact, he loves the game of life. He can get fired up about watching his youngest grandson score his first touchdown…or catching walleyes…or staining a deck…  He has a passion for living and for making the most of whatever he is doing. His positive attitude and energy is contagious.

As little girls, my sis and I spent many, many hours sitting in the bleachers watching him coach…or hanging out like little gym rats on Saturday practices…or sitting behind the net in the musty basement of the high school when he had the pitching machine going for players. We learned all about RBI’s, marking a K in the book for a strikeout, and pinch runners.

We also learned about having a strong work ethic, living with integrity, and how to communicate with others.  His values as a coach, and his values as a dad were one…he challenged us and believed in us and wanted us to succeed.

Congratulations Coach Realdsen!  We are incredibly proud.

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