how are you?

When teaching English to the students in Haiti, we taught the phrase “How are you?”…”I am good.” They repeated and responded and shared that they mastered this line.

One little dude, Stanley, had his lines down so carefully that when someone changed it up and asked “How old are you?” He responded, “I am good.” Here in America, we seem to make that same error….when asked “How are you?” our typical response is often “I am good…or…I am fine.” But are we really? Do we just say that and move on? Do we even consider the question?

And the one I hear the most when I ask “How are you?…”I am busy.”  Life is busy. Life is crazy busy.

We ALL have the same 24 hours in the day….we all have the choice to plan our days…to choose our jobs…to make the most of our time.

Yes, life is busy. But is that the response I want to give for the next 15 years?  My life is busy…but I am blessed!  I have a job.  I have enough money to travel and go out for dinner and shop a bit.  Should I be complaining if my life is a little busy?

It is kind of a funny question.  When asked, does the listener REALLY want to know?  Or is it just a polite greeting? What if we changed up our responses and  returned the greeting, with an energetic “Life is GREAT!  It is another beautiful day to be alive!”  What would people think? Would they be calling us looney?  Would they ever dare ask again?

I am happy to have a few circles of friends that REALLY ask how I am…and they REALLY want to know the answer.  I can give them the truth…I can share my joys and burdens.  I can tell them how I REALLY do feel.

But for the rest of the world…for the random people that I encounter on a daily basis–hmmmm? When they ask, I intend to be positive and share the joys of a full life with MANY blessings…

I will let them know that life is good. Really good. That is what I intend to do.

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