To cut or not to cut…that is the question.

Guys have it so easy…they choose a hairstyle and wear it for years and years and years until the mullet or the perm or the big bangs go out of fashion. Seriously.  I think my husband has had the same cut…from his fav stylist Nina at Great Clips that has been using a #1 clipper for years!

We gals have a bit more difficulty.  We may have a few weeks after a cut that we are feeling fresh and confident about the style…and then the nagging questions start trickling in…should I cut it…should I grow it out…should I try to add some bangs…maybe some layers…straightening would give it a new look…i wonder if i should add some curls, or at least flip my ends…what about a little color or highlights…yeah, longer hair would be better…no, wait a shorter fresher cut would be best.  Ahhhhhhh!  Calgon take me away!

I had short hair most of my life, except for the really awful 5th grade year when I had mono and the long droopy hair made me look washed out and exhausted…or maybe that was the mono?  Either way…not a great look when I tried to copy Farrah Fawcett’s image.  I switched to Dorothy Hamil’s cropped bob to wear with my popped polo collar and pinned jeans.

And through the years, it went like this…long, short, permed, straight, long, short…you get the picture!  Can you relate?  Or am I totally alone here?  I think not.


I have seen the Pinterest boards of people searching for that next new look.  Updos, and side ponytails, and elaborate braids… Seriously!  It is all-consuming.

I am again at a crossroads in hair decisions.  Should I cut it and keep this current style, or do I risk it and try something a bit longer?  Are there rules for 40+ aged women and their hair?  It sure does not seem like it…I see all styles when I do my google searching!  I went with this cut originally when the adorable Katie Holmes did…see…pretty cute huh?  I never really looked that cute.

But now her life has been turned upside down and she has grown her locks out….with messy updos and all…

Not that she is my fashion/hairstyle icon…but what’s a girl to do?  Should I cut or not?  I asked my senior high girls at small group this week and the general consesus was to cut.  So I called my fav stylist Jen to make an appointment…but guess what? She is out until November….so I guess I will wait…and ponder…and look at hairstyles a bit more before I make the big decision.  🙂

I know, really….first world problem!

8 thoughts on “To cut or not to cut…that is the question.

  1. perfect entry, i am at the exact same point with my hair. i have an appt. on tues and the question will be…just trim it and then continue to grow it out a bit, or cut it off….i’m dreading it. i often times think that in the winter keeping the hair a little longer is beneficial, and shorter in the summer to be cool…but, we’ll see.

  2. So relate able, especially now everyone’s question for me is, “Are you going to keep it short?” I just got hair back and it’s only an inch long who knows??

    • You look adorable! I saw a cute pic of you and your short do on FB! My good friend that has kicked breast cancer grew hers out and just recently went for a darling sassy short style! 🙂

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